A consummate West Coaster, Michael Griffin was born in Los Angeles, graduated from the University of Oregon, and has lived in Seattle for the past 18 years. He considers himself a "naturalized Seattleite."

In his late youth, Michael spent his summers camping and fishing in Oregonís mountains, and sunning and surfing on his native beaches in Southern California. In both high school and college, he spent two years studying, working and living in Japan. His closeness to his family, his participation in church activities, Boy Scouts and school sports, his pursuit of higher education and his awareness of domestic, social and international issues, have all been integral to the development of the person he is today.

While attending the University of Oregon, where he double-majored in International Studies and Japanese, Michael visited Seattle several times. He knew then that Seattle was to be his future home. Shortly after moving to Seattle, he got his first taste of the real estate industry by working for two years in the mortgage industry. Feeling a need to have a career closer to his university degrees, Michael then worked for the next 7years as an export coordinator and Japanese clientele liaison in the field of international trade and transportation. It was during this time that that he purchased his first home, a 1909 fixer in Madrona.

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