A buyer without an agent is akin to a person finding themselves at the end of a buffet line. Choosing to work with the wrong agent may have a vegetarian being taken to a steak house.

Why the food analogies? Because it is something we can all relate to and understand. Similarly, would you trust your medical health to your mechanic, or your finances to a veterinarian?

As a dedicated, full-time and experienced Realtor, the business helping Buyers find their home is my business.

Before I commit to working with a buyer, I like to sit down for a few minutes and ask the client a few questions. Based on the clientís ideals and my experience, I find that a few minutes in advance will save much time and avoid needless disappointment in the future. For example, if I learn that the client is very light sensitive, I will know that the house they saw online may not be appropriate for them due to the homeís northerly exposure. Similarly, if I know the clientís financial limitations I may be able to negotiate them into an overpriced home that they otherwise overlooked because of its inflated list price.

Home buying is not something someone typically does often. Itís not an every day event or even a yearly event. It can be emotional and stressful, especially when you donít know real estate and understand the laws, rules and regulations involved in transactions. Youíll need someone with knowledge to spell out the details of the transaction.

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