My goal is your goal: To make sure that you get the best price for your home, in the least amount of time, while dilgently and ethically protecting your best interests throughout the entire process. Hopefully we can have a little fun too!

With exhaustive preparation , innovative marketing techniques, superior presentations, and a strong knowledge of the available technologies, I approch the sale of your home differently than many other real estate agents. I take the responsibility of selling your home very seriously and advise my clients based on my experience on how to reach their goals. You only have once chance to make a good first impression and I want to take this opportunity to "knock it out of the ballpark." Some recommendations I will make are:

Staging of the property:
You may already be living in your home. Prior to listing, I will work with the client to maximize the presentation of their current furniture and décor. This may include culling of clutter, rearranging furniture, a good cleaning, painting, etc. I have a supply of "fluff and stuff" that I may even contribute to enhance the visual texture of the home. If the home is vacant, I strongly encourage a professional stager to decorate the home. Relative to the price of the home, the expense of a professional stager is minor but the results can be outstanding. Please take a look at some before and after pictures HERE.

No matter how great the home looks, if it is overpriced then buyers will walk away and you may not get them back. The first weeks are critical in attracting buyers and bringing in offers. Over

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