Back when it was hard to find a house, Michael helped us find a place to call home. In my mind, a good real estate agent needs to be equal parts therapist, financial planner, banker and investigator, and my test for any agent is a simple question:

Could I tolerate being locked in a car with this person for hours at a time looking at a series of properties that might be right for many people, but arenít right for me?? And, will this person be honest with me and agree that itís not the right place?

You also need someone who will encourage you to keep looking until you find just the right place...which is why it may well be one of the most important relationships youíll ever have.

Michael is one of the most thorough people I have ever met. Whether you are buying or selling, he will present you with comprehensive research about the property including precise numbers regarding pricing and comparable properties...

My partner and I have trusted him with several real estate transactions, and he has exceeded our expectations in every case. I have and would highly recommend his services when you need a true professional.

John Hayes, Seattle, WA

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Representing Buyers and Sellers with experience, innovation, commitment, and a dedication to the clientís best interests.
Michael J Griffin